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Date posted:September 19, 2008
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Bariloche, my second home!

After my four weeks stay in Buenos Aires, I chose to change place and see something different about Argentina.

I didn’t really know Bariloche before, but I heard that it’s a great place for outdoor activities. I arrived there by bus and already on the way I was impressed of the landscape! I knew immediately that it is the right place to be for the next couple of weeks!

So I attended another 4 weeks of Spanish lessons there.

The school was the opposite of Buenos Aires; small and not so many students. I felt home straight away. There were never more than 6 students in one class, which was perfect. Sometimes we were even less people. Everyone of the school staff was very warm, friendly and helpful. We all felt like a big family and had so much fun together.

For my home stay I chose to stay in a host family, where I could improve my Spanish. It was a good choice and I really learnt a lot of Spanish and also about the culture.There is a big variety of the activities you can do in Bariloche. Our coordinator of activities made a different program every week and we had the possibility to do everything with the school. It was well organized, so we only had to inscribe ourselves. Kayaking, Canopy, bike tours, paragliding, river rafting, horse riding, climbing – Like that you can explore Bariloche in every way.

A great experience is also a hike to the mountains, where you can stay in a “refugio” (mountain shelter) over night. There are some different ones around there and you can even connect more than one if you have a bit more time. Even outside Bariloche there are small villages and many national parks you can visit; the seven lakes tour to San Martin de los Andes, the market in El Bolson, the Glacier Tronador and much more.

At the end I stayed there for a longer time than expected and I’m even going back there for I don’t know how long… Bariloche has definitely become my second home.

Sabrina (Germany)

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