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Date posted:September 12, 2008
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Glaciers and Spanish!

When I was planning my gap year, I immediately decided to include Latin America. As I am half way through a Spanish language degree at university, I thought it made good sense to not only do a Spanish course in Spain, but also learn some Latin American Spanish – different accent, different sights – I couldn’t wait!

I flew to Buenos Aires, spent a few days sightseeing, and then travelled overland to Bariloche. It was a REALLY long coach trip, but I loved it – watching the countryside go by, chatting to people on the coach… and then I saw Bariloche appearing on the horizon, and my excitement grew!

Bariloche is just one of the most amazing places I’ve ever seen in my life! It lies on a beautiful lake, with mountains towering over it and lovely, almost Swiss style architecture (wooden houses with big roofs) – and funnily enough, like Switzerland, it’s famous for it’s chocolate – just right for a chocolate lover like me!

Its absolutely fantastic for anyone who’s into outdoor activities – You can go kayaking, horse riding, trekking around glaciers paragliding, skiing and doing it in the most stunning surroundings – all of which the school can organize for you!

The school is fantastic and the teachers are very dedicated to the students. There were never more than 6 students in my class, so you get lots of personal attention – and the school is right in the centre of Bariloche, just a short walk from the lake. Perfect! The small class size and the mixture of international students in the school really makes learning Spanish fun and then after class you can go out practice with the locals….who are really friendly, as Bariloche is not a big place! As the locals are so friendly, there’s a definite sense of community, which the foreign students also feel a part of – It’s a really great experience, feeling welcomed, part of a community, learning Spanish in a really spectacular location – I couldn’t have wanted more!

Also, Bariloche is only a 5 hour bus ride to the Chilean border if you fancy exploring further! I went with a group of friends across the border, into Chile, at the end of my stay in Bariloche, travelling down to Santiago de Chile by coach.

Of course, Chile was great, and the mountains just as beautiful as in Bariloche – but I still missed Bariloche. I had such a great time there…..something I’ll never forget…the mountains, the lake, trekking to an incredible glacier…

I dream of the day that I can go back……

Louise (UK)


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