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Date posted:May 30, 2008
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I can’t believe I’m in Argentina!

Hi!.. In the beginning of January I decided to come down to South America to learn Spanish. I didn’t know which country.. I was looking for a place where I will would feel comfortable and where it would be easy to meet people and with lots to see and do… So, I booked a flight and in a couple of weeks I was in Argentina!

I’ve now been at the school for 9 weeks and it’s been simply great! The second week I was here, lots of us went to Iguazu Falls on a trip organized by the school. It was an amazing trip and the waterfalls were like nothing I had ever seen before!… right in the middle of a jungle and a really incredible sight.

I’ve also really enjoyed a cooking class, one of the activities put on by the school in the afternoons and evenings. I’m not much of a cook, but I learned how to make empanadas and alfajores…my first Argentinan food!

There are tons of clubs in Buenos Aires and things to do every single night. It truly is a nocturnal city. For quiet nights, going to ‘Million’ is always fun because it is an old mansion with a great outside patio….and last Wednesday night, for a change, I went to a museum in a huge 3 storey building – really fascinating.

To be honest, I’ve gone out almost every night since I’ve arrived here, but have still been able to be on time next day for my Spanish course! The host family I’ve been staying with have been wonderful. They are really friendly and live very near the school..just a short walk. I’ve been able to practice my Spanish with them while eating great food!

Every teacher at the school has been wonderful. Every two weeks, when I’ve passed my level test, I’ve been really sad to move up a level and change teachers because I’ve learned so much and grown so attached to the ones I had!

The school is in a cool old building in the middle of Recoleta, a very nice neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, safe and comfortable, in between Micro Centro and Palermo. The school activities are also just great, making it all a wonderful experience, and one that know I will never forget.

Rob (USA)

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