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Date posted:June 13, 2008
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It’s like being at home – but 100 times more fun!!

I’ve been studying Spanish in Bariloche and Santiago de Chile for the past couple of months and am really loving it! I had already been at the Santiago school for about a month and because I really liked it there, I decided to try out the school in Bariloche too.

My expectations of the school and of Bariloche itself were pretty high, as I had heard so many great things about it, and well, both the school and Bariloche have exceeded those expectations!

First of all, the city is beautiful, the views from the tops of the numerous mountains and the sun setting over the lakes are images that I will never forget.

Even though Bariloche is a small town, it is impossible to become bored of it, there is just too much to do; tons of outdoors activities… and the nightlife is great! I actually liked the fact that Bariloche was a small town, it felt intimate and I loved my having my own spots; the local grocery store, the gym, our bar and that café. Life in Bariloche almost seemed like life back home… but 100 times more fun!

The staff at the school in Bariloche are great, everyone from the director to the crazy activities coordinator have been warm and welcoming and have made me feel right at home. They really are very helpful and keen on making the students’ time in Bariloche as much fun as possible. And as for the learning experience, the teachers have been great too! The classes are small, which has made learning easier and has given all the students the chance to develop our Spanish speaking skills a lot!

I was supposed to stay in Bariloche for two weeks but have ended up studying here for five weeks! I’ve had a wonderful experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is considering going coming here!

Josefin (Sweden)

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