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Date posted:July 4, 2008
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Spanish and amazing nature!

Hi, my name is Mario, from Switzerland.

I was to the school in Bariloche from May 14th until June 6th 2008.

I chose this language school because I wanted to study Spanish in a small city in Argentina. I didn’t know anybody before the moment I began my studies.

My first impression of the school was very positive. When I arrived at the school on Monday, everything was very organized. I did a placement test and started soon at the level: Principiante 1B (beginners 1B). Lessons started on time as usual. Teachers were very kind, competent and well prepared. The teachers normally spoke Spanish in class, but it was also very useful the fact that teachers could in fact speak other languages, enabling them to explain and understand some grammar aspects by establishing comparison among languages. Thanks to the flexibility of the professors and administration I was able to sit for an exam every week and to get an advanced level in only eight weeks.

I really liked the fact that the school organized an activity every day. In this way, it made it much easier for us to explore Bariloche and to get to know other students. Unfortunately, some activities were repeated some times but I understand that it is not easy to find different activities for a whole 8 weeks!

My accommodation… I got to Vicky and Claudio´s apartment without any problem. Both of them made me feel part of the family soon. In the apartment, there was always a nice atmosphere and they were constantly very kind. I profited from talking with them because I could not only improve my Spanish but I could also learn a lot about life in Argentina and Argentine culture. I loved the food and so I really enjoyed the meals! My bedroom was big and comfortable. In my opinion, it was a great experience and I’d recommend it to anyone!

Bariloche: In my opinion, Bariloche was the perfect location in which to learn Spanish. It is a beautiful town, surrounded by incredible nature! I also really enjoyed the many small cafés which were perfect places in which to study and do homework when I was not in the school.

I loved the restaurants as well (great food!)!

But, what I liked the most was to walk and enjoy the amazing nature all around Bariloche. It is possible to do so many things in the surrounding area. I believe Bariloche is ideal for every student who doesn’t want to live in a big city and who enjoys nature.

Mario (Switzerland)

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