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Date posted:March 25, 2008
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Spanish and Football in Buenos Aires!

I arrived to Buenos Aires 6 weeks ago, after a long journey from Japan, and when I got off the plane the only thing I could think was: I don’t know a word of Spanish!!

Luckily, I started my Spanish lessons that same Monday! At the beginning, I took group lessons, but I liked it so much that I decided to take additional individual lessons, plus volunteer work (arranged for me by the school). It was simply amazing how quickly I learnt the language!

At first, of course, I wasn’t able to understand a single word in Spanish but then bit by bit I started to understand more and more! It quickly became real fun to communicate with the locals, even with people who I’d never seen or talked to before! Argentinean people are really friendly, easygoing and always willing to give you a hand.

I’ve experienced a lot of things here in Buenos Aires and enjoyed not only the Spanish lessons but also the lifestyle and culture of Argentina. All the teachers at the Spanish School and my classmates are really kind and have helped me a lot whenever I needed anything. I’ve learnt a lot of Spanish, I’ve visited lots of places, and I’ve seen some incredible historical buildings… BUT, but the one thing I hadn’t done was to witness a real soccer match in the “Monumental”, the biggest soccer stadium in Buenos Aires!

Well, if I was to say just what I experienced at the stadium, the best way to put it, I think, would be: Just awesome! I was able to feel the passion of tens of thousands of Argentineans altogether in one place cheering on their favourite team, and really join in with their emotion and passion. It was an unforgettable experience that I will carry with me always and really topped off my stay here in Argentina.

As I like football, I’d already played several football matches with my classmates and with local Argentinean friends that I made at the residence I’m staying in, but it was really something special to share in the passion of the locals in a REAL football match right here in Buenos Aires!

I am sure I will never forget this trip to Argentina! I’ve enjoyed every single activity that was organized day at my Spanish school (one activity almost every day!), I’ve made lots of friends, played soccer with my classmates and with local Argentineans. And I’ve had the unforgettable experience of being one of the fans in an amazing soccer match, sharing the passion of the locals for their national sport.

I’ve just loved every minute of my stay in Buenos Aires. Everything was new and exciting for me when I arrived and has simply got better and better since then! It has been a wonderful experience.

I will DEFINITELY come back someday!

Shusuke Tsuto (Japan)


  1. Jessica

    You are so lucky to have seen a soccer match while you studied in Argentina! I guess you really got to see how the culture is there, didn’t you? With so many fans it must have been a great time.

    Posted March 25, 2008 at 2:23 pm

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