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Date posted:August 11, 2008
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Magnificent, Marvelous, Maceio!

Maceio really is something else! It has everything — from a tropical climate with palm trees, lagoons, and clear blue ocean water, to delicious cuisine, friendly and welcoming locals, and endless cultural activities to enjoy, such as dancing the samba or forró while reveling in the city’s exciting nightlife. It is a simply amazing place to learn Portuguese!

And there’s no shortage of things to do once the morning lessons are over.  The local food is fantastic – one of the most popular dishes from the area is “sururu”. Which is mussels cooked in a yummy coconut sauce. And somehow, it manages to taste even better when you have it at one of the beachside restaurants with awesome views! If you like, you can also visit a little village nearby called Massaguiera… But make sure you work up an appetite before you go – the village is known by everyone for its fresh seafood served in absolutely massive portions!… and it’s true! Of course if you don’t like seafood too much, Maceio has plenty of restaurants of it’s own… so eat your heart out… Just be prepared to come home from Maceio just tiny bit heavier than when you arrived!

Maceio’s great weather means you can take part in all sorts of water sports all year-round – you can go snorkeling and scuba diving in the reefs along the coast, swimming in the natural pools that form during low tide, surfing, body boarding, and jet skiing! Maceio Fest in November is also a festival worth checking out.  It is a 4-day street party where everybody is out singing, dancing, and celebrating the wonderful culture of Maceio and Brazil – Maceio’s very own alternative Carnival!  Or if you’d rather, visit Maceio in February, when Brazil’s traditional Carnival takes place…you’ll return home having had the time of your life!

To top it off, the school in Maceio has a great location…… just 4 blocks away from the beach in the Ponta Verde district.  Maceio is such a super city to visit, to be taking classes right in the heart of everything, next to the beach is an amazing experience. If, like me,  you love the beach and the bustling carnival atmosphere of a Brazilian city you are going to adore Maceio!

Jeff (USA)

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