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Date posted:May 18, 2007
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Time flies in Costa Roca!

Hola mis amigos!

It’s a week since my last post and lots of things has happened since last time. My Spanish is improving all the time and the teachers are really great here at the school in Monteverde.

I can really recommend this school to everybody who is interested in studying Spanish. Next week I will continue on to the school in Playa Flamingo. I can’t tell you how excited I’m about getting to do my homework on the lovely beach over there! 🙂

If you decide to come to Monteverde, make sure to participate in the activities and classes that are arranged in the library each afternoon. They are very interesting and you get to learn very much about the history of Costa Rica, the animals living here, how to cook local food and how to dance Salsa just to mention a few possibilities.

Last weekend I spent 7 hours with a friend from school in the Monteverde Reserve. We hiked around the cloud forest and saw a large amount of interesting animals and plants. I’m already getting used to spotting Tarantulas! 🙂 We also hiked to a place called “La Ventana” (the Window) from where it’s possible to see both the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. It actually was my first ever view of the Pacific Ocean.

Last time I wrote that I was going to compare my football skills with the locals and to tell you the truth, I wasn’t that bad! 🙂

Hasta luego!


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