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Date posted:May 8, 2007
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On the way to Costa Rica: waiting at Schipol Airport!

Hello everyone!

I thought that I could write my first post (it’s actually the first blog post I’ve ever written) while I’m waiting for my flight to San Jose in Costa Rica. I must admit that I’m feeling quite excited and I’m really looking forward to getting to Costa Rica. I’m very curious about who I’ll be living with and who my co-students will be!

I started my trip yesterday when I took the train from my hometown Vaasa to the Finnish capital Helsinki. I went out on a couple of beers with some friends and did manage to catch two hours of sleep before it was time to take a taxi to the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport! ­čÖé

I think that I’m going to spend the next few hours trying to refresh my Spanish to prepare for the level test on monday morning.

I’ll try to write again when I get to Costa Rica!

Best regards,


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