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Prague – Europe’s magical baroque jewel

“Golden city”, “Mother of Cities”, regardless of how you want to call it, Prague is a unique city, a precious jewel that you should cherish when visiting. Prague is very beautiful throughout the year, but the Christmas period (when I visited) in Prague is absolutely incredible. Imagine a sumptuous and traditional Christmas mixed with a Gothic and baroque city, with moving and thrilling architecture. A mixture that is truly unique in the world, don’t you agree?

Nothing is more romantic than strolling around the old city centre’s spellbinding streets. Prague exudes old-world charm, beauty and romance all mixed together with a unique and fascinating baroque gloom. No other city could be more suited to the birth place of Franz Kafka!

Prague’s town square

A wonderful place to start this incredible journey is Staroměstské náměstí, the Old Town Square, one of the most important touristic sights in Prague. Many important buildings overlook the square: the baroque St. Nicholas Church, Kinský Palace and the Old Town Hall with its famous medieval astronomical clock.

I recommend each of these sights When the clock strikes an hour, its twelve Apostle’s move, along with a symbol of the Sun and Moon and the twelve zodiac signs.

Christmas in Prague

Is it possible to make this square even more beautiful? Yes, the Christmas market makes it possible! In 2016, CNN rated it among the world’s best Christmas Markets. It is huge, has an embarrassment of riches of different stands, but most importantly food stands! You will find sausages, sauerkrauts, cucumbers, mulled wine, hot drinks, the traditional sweets called “trdelník” and the unavoidable Prague Ham, cooked and smoked right in front you at a very reasonable price.

But this isn’t the end yet: there is a gigantic Christmas tree in the middle of the square of which you can take stunning photos that could be mistaken for postcards! Farm animals and Santa Claus usually walk around the market, so keep your eyes open – do not miss them!

After a surely typical, hot and delicious lunch, you could let the city’s atmosphere carry you through the Old Town’s streets, walking past the touching Jewish district until the majestic Charles Bridge on the Vltava River. You’ll be wonder-struck!

Charles Bridge and Prague Castle

Charles Bridge and Prague Castle

Prague never fails to impress: you could visit the Kafka Museum which is on the other side of the bridge and walk to the huge Prague Castle. Occupying 70,000m², it is the largest ancient castle in the world. The view from the Castle is one-of-a-kind, especially if you enjoy it after a walk through its garden, where other typical food stands can be found, to fill you up and keep you warm.

Wenceslas Square

Speaking of big places, you cannot possibly miss a visit to Wenceslas Square. This is a big avenue that is 750m long and occupies a total area of 45,000m². It is also the place where public demonstrations usually occur. Many luxurious shops, stands, musicians and much more can be found on the square. You’ll be impressed to see how majestic this place is.

A place like Prague obviously has exciting nightlife. There are many pubs, where you could enjoy the typical Pilsener (a beer variety) with its strong and marked flavour and dozens of brews as well. You could also taste a real glass of absinthe in the famous “Absintherie” that offers more than one hundred species of the favourite alcohol from decadent French artists. If, like the Czechs, you love your beer, then visit the Beer Museum: a real paradise for beer enthusiasts!

This amazing city also offers the Karlovy Lázně disco, the largest nightclub in Middle-Europe. It has 5 floors, endless rooms and a pub made of ice on the ground floor for the courageous ones!

You need to visit Prague! Take a Czech language course and immerse yourself in the incredible culture of this unique city. I’m sure that you’ll come back with great memories!

– Fiammetta


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