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Video guide to Prague, Czech Republic

You have no doubt heard that Prague is worth seeing. If you are not sure how to imagine the Czech capital then take a minute to watch this video! It also serves as a great reminder of the fascinating sights around the city. These images really succeed in capturing the beauty of Prague in a nutshell!

In just a mere seconds you will understand why this Eastern European metropolis is worth visiting! The city, with its 1.2 million inhabitants, impresses at first sight with its grand architecture. Prague’s cityscape is adorned with numerous well-preserved buildings in the Gothic and Baroque style. Its location on the longest river in the Czech Republic, the Vltava, creates an incomparable panorama. The wide river, spanned by numerous historic bridges, is at the heart of the city and gives Prague its unique beauty. This can especially be seen in surrounding hills, which offer an unforgettable view of the “Golden city”.

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As former residential city of the Kingdom of Bohemia as well as of the Holy Roman Empire, and the first university city of Eastern Europe, Prague is naturally rich in history – A fact one cannot overlook in any part of the city.

The most important sights include:

  • the almost 700-year-old Charles Bridge in the city centre
  • the Old Town City Hall, built in 1338
  • the Old Town bridge tower, known as Europe’s most beautiful Gothic gate
  • the Holy St. Nicholas Church with its rich interior decoration

On top of these riches are the many other churches, bridges, Jewish monuments and of course the huge Prague Castle. This incredible castle complex, enthroned on a hill on the Eastern bank of the Vltava river, is actually the largest ancient castle in the world!

The special thing about Prague is that you do not need to be an expert to know that its history and architecture can delight anyone. It only takes a short time to discover that Prague is a masterpiece in every respect – and one whose beauty you will never tire of seeing.

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