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Date posted:March 22, 2010
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Dolphins in Antibes!

A year and half ago I started to study French back in Slovakia and I found it very complicated. The most difficult language I have ever learned!!!

Luckily everything changed here in Antibes. I would never have imagined that the language could be taught in such an interesting way. In 2 months I have learned more than during 1 year back at home.

During my stay I met a lot of nice people from all over the word and we visited lot of interesting places. My most amazing experience was our visit to Marineland (the big aquatic park next to Antibes). The killer whales show was really surprising. I was impressed at how high these beautiful giant can jump. In spite of their name “killer whale” they are really friendly and affectionate. They kissed each other under the water – it was so cute.

But my favourite was the dolphins show. I was just like a little child filled with wonder by a fantastic ballet where dolphins and their trainers were dancing altogether. There was such a complicity between them we had the feeling it was easy for them to do the show. The trainers enjoyed playing with the dolphins and the atmosphere was just great. At the end, the dolphins threw big ballons to the public and the children were happy to throw them back. For me it was like going back to my childhood…

I’m full of new experiences and my stay was an adventure that I will never forget. And the most important thing is that I can speak French now. Merci Antibes!

Lenka, Slovakia

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