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Date posted:July 28, 2008
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Having fun in Antibes!

I really enjoyed the course. Though I chose to take an Intensive course and was therefore at school from 9 – 4 (with a long lunch break) Tuesday- Friday (9-12 on Monday), it didn’t really feel like I was spending much time in class!

The hours simply flew by! Morning classes focused on grammar, while the afternoon classes were like conversation groups. The sun doesn’t set until 9 or so, so you still have plenty of time after class to hit the beach or go on excursions and activities organized by the school, even if your lessons don’t finish till four.

My accommodation was nice and there was a great sense of community there, probably because of the patio/kitchen/ bar area. The residence I stayed in had a great location near the beach at Juan les Pins, close to a grocery store, and within walking distance of the school and Antibes. I had 3 roommates over my 5 weeks, all from different countries.

I had an amazing time, and am really glad that I ended up in the residence I did. I was very sad to leave when it came time.

I had the best vacation ever, learned a fair bit about France and French, improved my volleyball skills, and met many international friends! We’re all trying to plan a reunion for somewhere next summer.

Sara Raymond (US)

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