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Date posted:March 31, 2008
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Warm sunny days in Antibes!

This year I had a chance to spend my Easter holidays in France. I just have to say how lucky I was to go to the school that I did in Antibes. The whole experience has been amazing! I’ve never had such an incredible Easter break! First of all, after the cold grey winter weather in Russia, I just couldn’t believe the warm climate of the French Riviera!

It was so great not to have to put on my long hot coat that I had been wearing just a day before in Moscow, but instead only a light top, or T-shirt. Then, of course, I simply loved all the vibrant colours of Spring in the South of France: green palm trees, gently swaying in the warm breeze, fabulous blue skies without any clouds, and the deep blue of the sea, sparkling in the sunshine.. From the moment I arrived I loved the bright, happy, colours of Antibes, and couldn’t believe how it could be so warm and sunny here when it was so grey and cold in Russia!

Of course it’s not just this excellent weather, beaches and the Mediterranean Sea, I was also really impressed with how quickly I improved my French, as well as learning a lot about French culture and traditions….staying in a French host family not only gave me great practise with using my French, but also gave me such an insight into the French people – They were so friendly and welcoming that I quickly felt ‘at home’…..even if this place was so different from my real home!

The school was also a real surprise, with a large garden, great facilities, including its own cafeteria, really professional, yet friendly teachers, and located right in the centre of Antibes!

Next year I hope to return to my school in Antibes. I’ll never forget my time here and can’t wait to come back!

Yuliya (Russia)

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