Cologne Dom and Hohenzollern Bridge at night
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Date posted:July 17, 2013
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A bird’s eye view of Cologne!

After recently returning from a German course in Cologne, I am happy to tell you how surprising and fascinating this city was!

As a person who travels a lot and been to Germany several times, I have been round various castles, churches and cathedrals, both in Germany and at home in Spain. But,  I’ve NEVER climbed up any historical building with a  view which can compare with the one you get from the Cologne Cathedral!

Going to the top of the Cathedral really is worth it – the stunning views you have from the top are amazing, though climbing the hundreds of winding stairs can be a bit of a challenge! You have to go up 509 steps of the spiral staircase, and the same for down! 😉

This means that at the same time you are trying to climb there are also people trying to go down and there are moments in which you may think you are going crazy! I felt a bit anxious sometimes, but in the end I highly recommend trying this experience. Also when you are almost on the top, you have metal stairs that make you feel you are floating in the air… It is a very strange feeling…but good!

Also, half way up the climb, you have the chance of visiting the huge bell and can take a small rest. The whole thing was immensely enjoyable and something I will never forget.

Of course, apart form the Cathedral there are many other things to do in Cologne. On the one hand, if you like shopping and a busy atmosphere you will enjoy going to a huge pedestrian street (Hohe strasse) with loads of shops and places to eat. This street is always crowded.

On the other hand, if you prefer something more relaxed, you can choose going for a nice walk through the Rhine with the sunset. Absolutely wonderful

During your stay in Cologne you will have also loads of chances to pop into shops and smell the famous Eau de Cologne – Not to be missed. You may also be interested to know that Cologne, in addition to having its own perfume has its own beer – Kölsch! It is quite light so you don’t need to worry TOO MUCH about getting drunk on it. Above all, Cologne is a student city, so there is also a great night life which I really enjoyed. I made lots of friends during my time at the school. Only one of them went up the 509 steps of the cathedral, but many of them regularly went out with me, in a group, to cafes, pubs and sometimes… at the weekend, to one of the many clubs. I learnt lots of German, but also had LOTs of fun!



  1. It’s been about six years since I was there, so I won’t have exact information for you but it’ll be close enough 😉

    First of all, the must see items are obviously the Dom and the Romanisch museum right next door to it. Climb to the top of the Dom (marvel at all the graffiti along the way) and check out the view. Go to the Roman museum next door and check out all the stuff they found when they were excavating for the train station expansion. Then there’s the Ludwig museum which I believe is next door to the Roman museum. That’s the contemporary art museum and has all the great screwball stuff you love from modern German art. Smashed pianos glued to the wall, etc. That sort of thing. The Nieumarkt area sometimes has a bunch of cool booths set up for wine tasting, so you can grab a glass or two and wander around a little bit, munching on some street food. I don’t know if this goes on all the time or just when I was there.

    Further south from the Dom is a cool little area of bars, clubs and restaurants tucked in winding little streets in old buildings. Very cool, but I don’t know how lively everything will be in March. I was there in some unseasonably warm May weather and people were everywhere enjoying life on the banks of the Rhine.There is a big ol’ youth hostel south of zentrum (that’s the downtown), a little bit past the zoo, where you can get cheap beds. Cologne is a pretty popular convention town, and budget lodgings aren’t quite as ubiquitous as the average traveler would like. I think it’s an IYH hostel, but don’t quote me on it. Loads of beds, clean, safe, and right by a tram stop so you’re only about 15 minutes from zentrum.

    Finally, in regards to vegetarian and vegan cuisine, I simply do not know of any place that specializes in that. You might be able to order a decent salad or some pasta in most places (as in most of Europe), but Germany is pretty much a meat-eating destination.

    Posted November 2, 2013 at 11:39 pm

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