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Date posted:May 15, 2007
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Berlin – a vibrant and unique city

I’ve been living in Berlin for the last 6 years, and you can still see the city changing – it’s exciting! If you are thinking of learning German in Germany, you probably won’t find a place that is more interesting than Berlin! Its history makes the city one of the most special and outstanding cities in the world. After the Berlin Wall fell down, the city became a large construction site, both in the literal and in the figurative sense. After 40 years of separation (28 with the wall) a lot had to be rebuilt, and the city attracted a lot of people that wanted to take part in the process of building and shaping a new city.

If you are interested in the history of Berlin that makes the city really unique, I recommend that you visit the museum “Haus am Checkpoint Charlie”. This is an original border crossing point, just as they really were 60 years ago, and the museum tells you a lot about the German separation. When I was there (I’ve been twice), I was really impressed by the adventurous, sometimes really dangerous, yet always imaginative manner how people tried to flee from the eastern part of Germany, and succeeded.

You also can still see original parts of the Berlin Wall. Have a look at the “East Side Gallery”, a 1.3km long section of the wall, where artists from all over world painted paintings that call for freedom and peace!

But enough of history! Due to its special atmosphere, Berlin also has a lively nightlife. It is maybe one of the most vibrant cities of Europe, especially in summer. The area around Oranienstraße is full of Turkish bars, and Berliners call this quarter “Little Istanbul”. If you prefer a more elegant surroundings, you’ll love Charlottenburg with its famous “Kurfürstendamm”.

However, for young people, the quarters of Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg are definitely the best adresses. I personally prefer the latter one. In the area around Kollwitzplatz and Helmholtzplatz you’ll find a lot of bars that give the quarter a French atmosphere.

By the way, if you happen to dance Argentine Tango – did you know, that Berlin is one of the best tango cities in the world, outside Buenos Aires? There are plenty of Milongas in the whole city, and we have very good Tango teachers. This is of course what I love most about Berlin. Of course, you’ll find as well a lot of nice places to dance salsa or other dancing clubs. Berlin is just full of them!

Enjoy your stay!



  1. Mari

    Hi Juliane,
    I will be in Berlin for 4 weeks German course next week, could you please advise me one of the Milongas that you mentioned in your post? I love dancing tango and I was wondering if it would be possible to dance since i read your post!
    I’m a completly beginner in German and I’m not able to understand their web site…
    Thank you!

    Posted November 28, 2007 at 1:14 pm

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