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Date posted:August 21, 2009
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Lederhosen and dirndl – Oktoberfest I am coming!

Last year I did a German language course in Munich – it was really amazing! In my second week on the course, me and a few people I met whilst sightseeing went to the Theresienwiese, to see the tapping of the first barrel at Oktoberfest. It was unbelievable, with so many crazy people from all over the world. Over 6 million people, dancing, laughing, eating and DRINKING! I love the German beer and it’s so huge. They serve it in a jar (“Maß”), 1 litre per person.

Amongst the many attractions, the beer is probably the most important thing. The food is also great though. I ate different Oxen specialties, real German Bratwurst with “Kartoffelsalat” (potato salad), massive Bavarian Pretzels and the Oktoberfest special of “Händl” (grilled chicken).

After the fantastic first day of Oktoberfest I had a lot of new friends. I spent the whole weekend on the “Wiesen” with them and my friends from the language course – partying! I will never forget the fun I had and I’m looking forward to going there again.

I’m still in contact with a few Germans and Chinese people (thank you facebook!) and in September I will book a new German course at the same school – this time at elementary level and not beginner level (yes, I also learned some German during my stay ;-)). I am so excited because I bought a gorgeous dirndl (typical Bavarian dress). It will be amazing!

Biggest folk festival in the world – I am coming… I love Munich!

Nonouk, (19 years)

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