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Date posted:December 22, 2008
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Nikolaus School Party

On Friday the German “Nikolaus” came to our school here in Munich. He looked a bit Santa Claus, but they told us that it‘s a completely different tradition. Anyway, it was fun!!!

In the morning, we started school like every morning, but then we got a bit suspicious, as our teacher told us a few minutes before the break to stay in class, he would be back in a few minutes. In fact, when we left our room, we found out that the cafeteria and another room had been decorated in some Christmas style. Biscuits, gingerbread and candles everywhere…

Nikolaus arrived with a loud hohoho and a big bell. He looked like Santa with a big long white beard, his red dress and his golden book. The book is the funny thing indeed. All the good and bad things we do, no homework, being late, other strange stories that happen every day were noted and read out by Santa. Nikolaus turned out to one of our teachers, haha, that‘s why he knew that I‘m late sometimes and that I love discos and that…

All the good kids got chocolate Nikolauses and mandarins J, me too. After that we all plundered the buffet , we had hot mulled wine and tons of biscuits and sweets. I think this mini-party was so interesting, there were so many people from school, look at the pictures I took. Yeah! Within no time, the whole school had turned into a party…

Radmira, 19, Russia

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