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Date posted:May 3, 2007
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Why I adored Munich!

Möchten Sie in Deutschland Deutsch lernen? Are you considering learning German in Germany? Whether you are a complete beginner or already very advanced, just listen to someone who has taken four language courses in Munich!

I started learning German in middle school, and my parents encouraged me to go on a language courses during holidays. I was lucky enough to have family friends who lived in Munich, and invited me. They recommended that I take a course in a local language school, and the result was I went back several times!

I absolutely adored Munich and Bavaria, especially because it was close to the mountains and the lakes. If you are planning to learn German in Munich, don’t forget to go to Starnberg, which is accessible by the “S-Bahn”. A local told me that I really shouldn’t miss it, and he was definitely right. I found it absolutely splendid, and was delighted to take a boat ride with him and my host family.

The reason I would definitely recommend Munich is there is so much to see and do. It is the 3rd biggest city in Germany, with about a million people. My host family was in the suburbs, but it never caused any problems because the transport is very efficient, and safe. By the way, Munich is said to be one of the safest city in Europe. It is a big city, but I found it great that it was so close to ski resorts as well!

I had easy access to the city centre, with great shopping facilities, restaurants, bars, cinemas, museums… The famous Marienplatz, the heart of Munich, is always so busy so people use the “Fischbrunnen” as a meeting point. From there, you are not far away from the Sendlinger Tor and the “Hauptbahnhof”.

I was very lucky that I got along very well with my host family and they were always ready to take me and their young daughters skiing on day trips at Easter, or hiking near the Austrian border. I have always been a keen skier, but I had never skied outside of France before, and I was delighted. During the summer, my host family would spend some weekends in their second house in the country. There was a nearby lake where the residents could swim, and I found it such fantastic an experience that I was seriously considering buying a second house there myself in the future. Seriously, swimming in the middle of the mountains is nothing like swimming in the sea!

If you are keen on visiting castles and museums like me, Munich is still the ideal location. The most famous is the Schloss Neschwanstein, which already looks huge from far away, but I also keep a good memory of Nymphenburg that reminded me of Versailles by the style and gardens! Regarding the museums, I strongly recommend the New Pinacothek, but don’t be tempted to touch any object because it will set the alarm off straight away!

About the Bavarians, I would like to add that I don’t agree with the stereotype according to which they speak with a strong accent. This certainly doesn’t apply to Munich. Although some families are said to speak the Bavarian dialect, I met many locals and had no trouble understanding them. I also found them very welcoming.

I have a fantastic memory of all my language courses in Munich, and would definitely go back again. I was always sad to come back home. I would recommend the experience to anyone!


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