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Date posted:February 27, 2008
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Enjoy Yourself When in Rome!!

After an awesome trip to Italy, I am convinced that the number one city for an Italian course is ROME! It has such a unique atmosphere, incredible sites and sounds, and friendly locals everywhere you turn. I loved it so much I found it hard to say goodbye!

Everyone knows Rome for its incredible ancient remains, and I had done plenty of research in guidebooks before my trip… but no matter how many photographs you see of Rome nothing can compare to the feelings of awe when you actually see the Pantheon, the Vatican, or the Trevi fountain up close. Most amazing of all is the beautiful Colosseum for the first time – I was mesmerized! I imagined the arena being full of Romans watching gladiator fights, cheering and booing as they used to do. And the sheer scale of the Colosseum is breathtaking – it is enormous! I simply can’t imagine how it was ever built. The only word that I can use to sum it up is: “WOW!”

One of the many other “WOW” places to see in Rome is the Vatican City. Its area and population make it the smallest state in the world! I will never forget the moment I entered St. Peter’s square, the large public square outside of St. Peter’s Basilica. Among the hustle, bustle, and steady buzz of Rome St. Peter’s Square is a tranquil, peaceful, and stunningly beautiful haven. There are amazing colonnades lining the either side of the square that seem to stretch on forever leading you to the Basilica. It really was one of the most magical places I have ever been. I felt so lucky to have chosen Rome for my Italian course. I was studying in the heart of this incredible city, being exposed to the culture and language 24-7. I was living like a real Italian whether that meant taking the metro, dining on local foods, or just socializing in Italian. It was an awesome experience.

What you see in Rome is unimaginable. Everything, from the sublimely beautiful stuff like as the Sistine chapel, the crazy street performers in Trastevere, and the chirpy hubs of tourists tossing pennies into the Trevi fountain, to the mouthwatering food in trattorias, the awesometastic ice-cream, and the mind boggling site of modern traffic circling the enormous 2000 year old Colosseum! I now understand why Rome is known as the eternal city – it never ceases to amaze you. I cannot recommend it highly enough, I had the best time there and I only wish I could return tomorrow!

Jessica (USA)


  1. Jeffrey

    Hi Jessica! Just by the pictures I can tell that Rome must be a magical place. But as you say, you have to be there to believe it and appreciate the beauty of Rome…guess I’ll have to go there since I’ve been wanting to take an Italian course in Rome. Hope you had fun!

    Posted February 27, 2008 at 10:15 pm
  2. Joshua

    Sounds great!can’t wait to get there next month!!
    Thanks for the tip Jessica!

    Posted February 28, 2008 at 11:55 am
  3. Jessica

    No problem Josh,
    You are going to love it! I suggest taking a camera, as you will not want to miss out on so many beautiful pictures! Happy travels to you!

    Posted March 6, 2008 at 6:42 pm

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