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Date posted:March 3, 2008
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Fantastical Florence!

Florence is a very special city- pretty and stylish, romantic and arty. Studying Italian here couldn’t have been dreamier! I found so much to do and see whether walking around the city, marveling at the art, learning how to cook Tuscan specialties, or simply just relaxing by the picturesque Arno River- I truly enjoyed myself!

The school is fantastic; it is actually a beautiful 17th century palace! It is situated right in the historic centre of Florence, which makes the most famous bridge in Italy – the Ponte Vecchio, its backdrop. While sitting in class, the bridge was in clear view from my window, which was perfect for taking impressive photographs! All of the staff in the school welcomed me in straight away, and it was obvious that the teachers loved their job. Each Italian class was more fun than the next!

Whether or not you have any kind interest in art, you will fall in LOVE with Florence’s galleries and monuments! I found myself, from the very first day, completely immersed in beauty, simply by walking down the street… there is timeless architecture, and masterpieces everywhere you look! I especially loved the Piazza della Signoria, a square located right in the historic centre of Florence, where you will find a really impressive and world famous replica of Michelangelo’s David!

There was much to do and see in Florence, but I even made time to learn how to prepare traditional local Italian dishes! The food in all of Italy is amazing, but Tuscan dishes are definitely the best! It was a delight to learn how to combine the simple, locally grown, traditional ingredients such as olive oil, vegetables, and mixed herbs into fabulous (not to mention yummy!) typical Italian dishes! Brushetta with tomatoes, liver, garlic, and olive oil is quick and easy, and tastes so good. Every time I prepare this at home I will be reminded of Florence!

With art and architecture, breathtaking landscapes, and amazing cuisine, I found this romantic Tuscan city to be my favorite in all of Italy! I will never forget the memories I have of learning Italian at the beautiful school, exploring Florence’s beautiful streets, and going out at night with the many friends that I made on the course – and if any little detail starts to fade, I’ve thankfully got countless photos to keep it all fresh in my mind – At the moment it all seems just like yesterday – Florence really was a super choice for my study abroad program! The best choice I could’ve made!

Jess (USA)


  1. Jeffrey

    Hey Jess! I couldn’t imagine studying any language in a palace surrounded by so much history and awesome cuisine! Sounds like you had a lot of fun 🙂

    Posted March 3, 2008 at 9:31 pm
  2. Zoey

    Oh Jessica, it sounds like you had a great time in Florence. I loved it there too! It really must be one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited. I hope you also got an opportunity to sample some of the yummy ice creams while you were there! 🙂

    Posted March 4, 2008 at 7:07 pm

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