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Date posted:April 21, 2008
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My Academic Year in Rome


I don’t know how to start here… Maybe I should tell a little about myself first. My name is Camilla, I’m Norwegian and 19 years old. I’m totally fascinated about Italy, and I’ve always dreamed about learning Italian, a language I consider as the world’s most beautiful.

So, I decided to take the plunge and learn the language by signing up for an Academic Year Italian language course programme in Rome!

I remember the first day of school: I was nervous and curious at the same time……

The Academic Year group gathered in the school’s bar. The students were from all over the world, from California to Japan. We got information about the school and about life in Rome (which was very useful for everyone), the school Directors and the teachers introduced themselves, and then gave us a guided tour of the school – it has a beautiful private garden, student cafeteria with sun terraces overlooking the garden, Internet café, multi media room, and is located in a beautiful historic building, right in the centre of Rome!

After the introductory talk and guided tour of the school, they took us for a walk in Rome, and bought us delicious Italian ice cream near Campo de’ Fiori.

The next day, the school started for real. I have morning classes, so I can have most of the day to do other things. However, most days I end up in the school’s cafeteria, like most of the other students. Here, we can eat lunch together and talk. It’s very nice, social, and the food’s GREAT!

In a way, the school becomes your family. They take very good care of you, are interested in your opinions and help you with whatever you need.

The school organizes all kinds of activities: Italian cooking course, films, guided walks in the city and excursions to places further away. They also organize special activities for only the Academic Year group: on Wednesday, we went to Trastevere (a very ‘Bohemian’ area, on the other side of the river – full of beautiful cafes, restaurants, as well as street entertainers and people making all kinds of jewellery ad other crafts) and ate dinner at a restaurant. We got an appetizer, pizza and dessert for free! We talked all night, sitting outside on a warm Italian evening, took a lot of pictures and had a really great time!

I’ve been in Rome for about six months now and I’ve really learned a lot of Italian, though, I know I still have a lot left to learn! I’ve seen a lot, I still have a lot left to see… I’m really looking forward to the rest of my year here.

I’m at a great school and would really recommend this experience to anyone!

Camilla (Norway)

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