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Date posted:October 17, 2017
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My favourite places to eat in Rome

I consider Rome as my second home. This is where my best friend lives and I try to visit her at least a few times per year. Thanks to her Roman knowledge, I have, over the years, got to know a lot of insider places that only true Romans are able to appreciate.

It’s often nice to be able to go to places that are mostly tourist-free. I will be recommending these places, which, I hope you will agree, is always interesting!

So, read on to discover Rome like a Roman with me…

Eat like a local in Rome with these suggestions:

  • Panificio Bonci – our favourite bakery.
  • Fancy a sandwich? Then the sandwich shop 200 Gradi is exactly what you need. They are simply the best sandwiches I have ever had!
  • Busy? No time to cook or even to sit down at a proper restaurant? Then may I suggest Pastificio Guerra for delicious fresh pasta on the go. A favourite place for a quick lunch.
  • Alternatively, go to Forno Campo de’ Fiori for some terrific takeaway pizza.
  • Gelateria dei Gracchi Local’s favourite ice cream made with the best, fresh ingredients. Enough said.
  • Gelateria del Teatro – a hidden ice cream shop in the historic centre of Rome.
  • Punto Gelato – probably my favourite ice cream shop in the world!
  • Cipriani – for traditional Italian biscuits.
  • Dar Poeta – a dinner classic that my friend and I like to go to for pizza. She usually opts for the ‘Parmigiani’ pizza and my favourite is the ‘Napoli’ one.

Rome is one of my favourite cities in the world. I love just meandering the streets and taking in the sites, imagining what it was like hundreds of years ago. What a beautiful city!

If you like these then take an extra step and live like a local whilst learning Italian. There’s no better place than at our Italian language school in Rome!

– Maria


Panificio Bonci – Via Trionfale 36, 00195 Roma
200 Gradi – Piazza del Risorgimento 3,  00192 Roma
Pastificio Guerra – Via della Croce 8, 00187 Roma
Forno Campo de’ Fiori – Vicolo del Gallo 14, 00186 Roma
Gelateria dei Gracchi – Via dei Gracchi 272, 00193 Roma
Gelateria del Teatro – Via dei Coronari 65-66, 00186 Roma
Punto Gelato – Via dei Pettinari 43, 00186 Roma
Cipriani – Via Carlo Botta 21/23, 00184 Roma
Dar Poeta – Vicolo del Bologna 45, 00153 Roma

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