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Date posted:July 18, 2008
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I’d never heard of San Giovanni Valdarno!

I attended the school in San Giovanni, Italy. I was in school for 11 weeks. I thought that the instructional program was excellent. The instructors and staff are very helpful and work hard to make sure that you are doing well and that there are no problems with your course.

My instructor, Stefania, was outstanding. Her methods of teaching were extremely helpful in my learning Italian. Her patience and perseverance, as well as her style of presentation, made learning Italian interesting and fun. I am confident that I can now speak enough Italian to converse with most Italians! In addition to the regular instructional program I had the special opportunity to take several cooking classes. They were very informative and fun. The instructor was outstanding.

I was very fortunate in that I chose to live with an Italian family. They were extremely nice and accommodating. In the family I had the opportunity to continue my Italian lessons through conversations at the dinner table (all in Italian)! The family did everything they could to make my stay as pleasant as possible. I think that if a student gets to stay with an Italian family it really helps you to learn the language. It was the school who selected this family for me to live with, and they really couldn’t have picked a finer place for me to live.

The school in San Giovanni Valdarno, really is an unknown gem. In addition to the excellent educational program they offer, I liked the small class size. They offered, for me, exactly what I was looking for. The location of the school is also perfect, situated between Arezzo and Florence and right on the train line. San Giovanni is a small town with friendly people that are pleased to see you and to have you become part of the community.

The staff at the school were extremely helpful and did everything to accommodate my needs. They offered lots of excursions, mostly throughout the Tuscany region, that were both educational and interesting. Over my 11 weeks I talked to many students from all over the world and we all agree that San Giovanni is the perfect place to study and learn Italian. Somehow, the school really needs to get better known, so any people interested in learning Italian learn about this fine school. I recommend, to Language Courses Abroad/Apple Languages, that when anyone asks you where they should go to study Italian… you tell them that they should go to SAN GIOVANNI VALDARNO!!

Many of the students at the school, including me, had never heard of San Giovanni Valdarno and didn’t know where it was located. However, having been there, as well as to other places in Italy to study Italian, I can honestly say that this is the finest Italian language program offered anywhere I know of!… We just need to get the word out!

I look forward to my return.

Edward del Baggio (USA)

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