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Date posted:August 23, 2007
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El Puerto – why you won’t have a moment to spare!

Hola! My name’s Livia and I spent six weeks at the school in El Puerto.

El Puerto de Santa Maria is a little town which belongs to Cadiz…

In the school there are so many things to do! You can dance salsa, and it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner! You can go to the cinema there’s a big mall where you can choose different movies. You can play bowling which is definitely good fun!

There are lots of things you can see in El Puerto (for example the Plaza de Torros, the castles, the tapas bars, and the beaches etc).

Every Monday there is a breakfast with chocolate and churros so you can meet other students at the school and make friends.

Every Saturday there are excursions to different places in Andalucia (Ronda, Cordoba, Sevilla, Cadiz or smaller cities like Tarifa, Bologna etc).

All the teachers are very nice and friendly. The director of the school helps you any time if there’s a problem, so I can recommend El Puerto a lot. It’s a nice school where you can learn Spanish easily. What’s more, it’s situated on the coast so you can go to the beach any time you wish it’s all very close…

So, that’s it from me! 😉


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