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Date posted:April 3, 2007
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Get romantic in Seville!

I believe that the closest to the most “Spanish” experience you can get is to spend a lengthy period of time in Seville, the heart of Andalucía.  I went to this gorgeous city to study a language course, and I ended up staying there for almost a year because I fell in love with the place.

I had the chance to find a place to stay in the historic quarter of Santa Cruz, right next to the famous cathedral La Giralda in the city centre. It certainly gave a special romantic feeling passing by this enormous amazing building while hearing the sound of the cathedral bells and the clippety-clops of the horse hooves on the stone every morning. The calm River Gualadquivir runs slowly through the city, and you usually can find young people sitting in the grass, playing the guitar and looking at the view. On the other side of the river you find the Triana quarter where there are charming narrow streets filled with traditional ceramic factories and typical Andalucian tapas bars.

I like dancing, and in spring time when the jasmine is in blossom and its scent fills the streets Seville really comes alive. I am talking about the famous festival “Feria” when people come riding into town, dressed up in colourful flouncy dresses to join the typical “Sevillanas” dances in special “casetas” (small special designed, decorated tents) – for a whole week!! I can assure you that, once you learn the basics of this flamenco-inspired dance, you won’t stop until the night turns into morning! At least I didn’t!

I found that people in Seville are very friendly and easy to get to know. Together with my Spanish classes at school, and the practice I got from talking with the local people, I felt that I caught the language quickly. It is true what some people say, that the best option to learn a language, is to do it in the country where it is spoken.  And Seville is certainly a GREAT option that will give you memories for a lifetime! Interested? Then here’s more info on learning Spanish in Seville.


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