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Date posted:May 21, 2007
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Going on a course in Alicante? Read this first!!

city_2Vamos al Barrio esta noche?!

Do you want to learn Spanish and meet a lot of people from all over the world? Then you have to take a Spanish course in Alicante! The city is full of international students and it’s very easy to get to know to them, and not only in your language school. You only have to go out in the Barrio!

Of course there are many “barrios” but when you talk of THE Barrio then everybody knows what you mean. Although Alicante has about 320,000 inhabitants, it seems smaller because in the Barrio you always meet people you know.

The Barrio is where parties start! There are a lot of restaurants, pubs and discos for all tastes. For example don’t miss out on the Mojito Bar (its real name is El Coscoron but only few people know this name and as you can drink very delicate Mojitos there, everybody says Mojito Bar). Inside you can make yourself eternal by writing your name on one of the high walls as hundreds of students have done before.

Another nice place is the Desden pub – it’s very popular with Erasmus students. The pubs in the Barrio usually close at 4 am, but don’t worry you can continue in the Swing (disco) or at the port. There you can find a lot of discos with different style of music, so you can dance until sunrise.

Alternatively, if you have already made friends and if you don’t want to go out early, join one of the private parties. There will always be students you still don’t know. And after having party you can relax at Postiguet beach…

Postiguet beach is situated very close to town and most of the locals are go there. If you fancy somewhere more off the beaten track, take the tram to the beach of San Juan which is spacious and very clean.

Looking for shops? The best places are Avenida Maisonnave, the smaller streets nearby if you are looking for stylish clothes, or the shopping centre Plaza Mar or Corte Inglés. There you can find a great variety of everything, but for those who don’t mind and like everything on their doorstep, Mercadona is the best place to buy food and drinks.

If you don’t want to cook by yourself go out for dinner. You will find a good restaurant for sure. For example taste Paella in the “Buen Comer” (Barrio) or on the Explanada, Alicante’s famous promenade.

As dessert why not have a Horchata, the local delicacy Turrón, or ice cream with turrón flavour.

Whatever you’re looking for during your time at the school in Alicante, whether you’re a party animal looking for exciting nightlife or you’re interested in shopping or sightseeing, you will definitely enjoy your time in Alicante!


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