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Date posted:June 18, 2010
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Just arrived in Barcelona!

Despite feeling nervous this morning before leaving the UK, I am now in Barcelona and I am delighted to say that the journey went very smoothly. I found myself in the city centre after a short and comfortable 30 minute journey on the ‘Aerobus’ from outside the airport costing only €4.75!

Once I arrived into “Plaza Catalunya” it was a short walk to my apartment, which is located very centrally and is just on the edge of the stunning “El Barrio Gotico.” The apartment is very stylish, I have a large bedroom with a double bed and a desk, a bathroom with a bath and a shower and the walls are covered with beautiful paintings and traditional Spanish style rugs.

Cristina, my landlady, kindly showed me around the flat explaining how to use all the appliances, advising me on which supermarkets to go to, the best tapas bars around, places to avoid and she also told me a bit about herself too. She was extremely kind and accommodating and made me feel immediately at ease.

Having got to know a bit about Cristina and unpacking all of my belongings, I decided to go for a stroll down ‘La Rambla’ and sample some of the paella Barcelona has to offer! Barcelona at night is a sight to be seen, lined with cafes, human statues, portrait painters etc. Even though I was on my own I felt completely safe as the city was still buzzing with tourists and locals who had only just finished work!

It had been suggested to me that one has to keep their personal belongings safe at all times in Barcelona as there are a lot of pick-pockets around. I think that if you are coming to Barcelona and this is worrying you, you just have to make sure that you keep your bag in front of you at all times and make sure that you at no point are you careless with your personal belongings. I believe if you follow this advice you will have no problem at all.

As I ate my paella on “La Rambla” I watched the world go by and was kept amused by the street entertainers. It was a beautiful clear night and even at 11pm it was warm enough to sit outside without a long sleeved top on! Coming from England I will definitely make the most of being in a city that only has a few days of rain a year! I have had a quick look through my guidebook, there is so much  to see and do I must make a plan of how I shall fit it all into the next month whilst I am here!

So far I am really pleased that I decided to come to Barcelona.

Hasta la próxima!

Mel, UK

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