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Murcia – Traditionally Spanish and constantly sunny!

Murcia1Murcia is a great city situated in Southeast Spain. This is one of the sunniest Spanish cities and you will never need to be worried about the weather because it is perfect! In addition, during the summer you can enjoy the sun by relaxing on the beach with your friends. It is very easy making new friends in Murcia since people here are all really friendly. Murcia, Spain’s seventh largest city, is situated near to the coast and you can get to the Mediterranean beaches in just 30 minutes driving. Do not worry at all if you do not have a car, the public transport is really efficient thanks to the bus and also the tram lines.

Murcia is certainly the right place for people who are looking to immerse themselves completely into a new culture and is an absolutely ideal place to learn Spanish!

Murcia offers a wide range of traditional and international events all year round, with the most popular being ‘Fiestas de Primavera de Murcia’ the spring festival, attracting tens of thousands of people during the week after Easter.

Murcia211Thanks to the rich traditional culture, it will be not hard to familiarise yourself with all aspects of life in Murcia – from the local food specialties to the local holidays such as ‘el bando de la huerta’. On the other hand, thanks to the many universities and colleges, this city hosts a lot of international students that make Murcia’s nightlife as good as the biggest cities in Spain, but with the added bonus that everything is at your fingertips!

Murcia is a perfect combination for living – not too big and not too small – which makes the city a safe and popular but not especially inundated with tourists, although still an international meeting point thanks to its two universities.

You will undoubtedly enjoy your experience on a Spanish course in Murcia! Everyone struggles when it’s time to leave this place and all the new friends they have made.


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