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Date posted:March 27, 2007
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My fortnight of fun in Nerja, on Spain’s Costa del Sol!

I had the chance to take a Spanish course in Nerja, a beautiful Andalusian coastal town in southern Spain. Actually, I didn’t even know that this town existed until some friends of mine were in Nerja some months before.

Located just one hour from Malaga, Nerja combines all the best characteristics for a person who wants to learn Spanish or just see Spain. The school is very nice, the teachers and staff at the school are friendly and approachable and helpful…and all of this, whilst enjoying Nerja’s secluded beaches, friendly people and continuous sunshine!

What I really appreciated when I arrived into Malaga’s airport was the ease with which you can get from the airport to Nerja. At the airport, I took a bus to the city centre, using my not so brilliant Spanish (they understood me though!), from where another bus leaves every 30 or 45 minutes to Nerja. The bus from Malaga to Nerja took me approximately one hour. And then, trust me, Nerja welcomed me to paradise!!

Wow! As I’m writing about this town I cannot forget how gorgeous it was! Without any doubt, I had one of my best experiences ever in Nerja. I was accommodated at the residence, just 3 minutes from the school! It’s perfect for less energetic people like me!!! The rooms are cosy and the residence has lots of facilities such as a cafeteria, Internet connection and a swimming pool on the terrace, which I did use, as luckily I was given advance warning to bring my trunks 😉

Most of the students were staying in the residence as well, so after classes it was very easy to meet all together and enjoy the afternoon. And don’t be mistaken, although Nerja is a small town, there are plenty of things to do…for sure. I visited “Las Cuevas de Nerja” (the Nerja caves) that are amazing. I also made the most of the many pubs! But, the thing I remember most, is just being able to relax and take my time looking out to sea from “El Balcón de Europa”, which is a viewing-point at the edge of one of the cliffs. I have no words to explain this sensation…you, the sea and the silence.

So, believe me, if you are looking to study Spanish or you just want to go somewhere that isn’t a big bustling city, Nerja should be your choice!



  1. Zoey

    Ahhhh, Nerja is so pretty! I went there over the Christmas period and loved it. The weather was still reasonably warm and it was bustling but not busy – just perfect!

    Posted December 3, 2007 at 5:47 pm

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