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Date posted:August 10, 2007
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Why this is my third time at the school in El Puerto

This is my third time at the school in El Puerto de Santa Maria now. I really love the place! The weather is always wonderful and the beaches are outstanding.

The people in El Puerto de Santa Maria are really friendly and because the foreigners haven’t discovered the city yet, the real Spanish culture is still everywhere. Coming here is the best way to learn Spanish, if you ask me!

The school is super and the teachers are great and very friendly. From the beginning you feel like you’re coming home, but it’s in another country. Also the host families are very nice. The saying ‘mi casa es su casa’ (my house is your house) was made for Puerto de Santa Maria!

The teachers are not only good at teaching, they also take the time to  do cultural things after school. So are there interesting classes de cultura about Spanish habits, and excursions to Sevilla or Cordoba.

Every week they have so many activities that you won’t get bored in El Puerto. What’s more there’s great nightlife here. Although there are not many foreigners there is certainly nightlife of a kind you won’t have seen in your own country.

Will I return again? For sure, and I hope to see you in El Puerto de Santa Maria. What I really like in El Puerto is the international diner at the beach so students can meet each other. Also the fact that you are able to learn Salsa dancing in the school is perfect! Come and see!

Hasta Pronto, beso,



  1. Zoey

    Hey Joep, glad you liked El Puerto – I loved it too! Its the perfect beach location don’t you think? That photograph is making me want to get back there and top up my tan!

    Posted January 29, 2008 at 3:16 pm

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