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Date posted:June 15, 2011
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You have to see Kiev!

What can I say about Kiev, except WOW! The city is simply full of beautiful churches, historic buildings, and really friendly people! I’ve been to Moscow and St Petersburg (which I loved), but Kiev is totally different, and feels really Russian, in the best of ways!

It’s clean, welcoming, and very easy to get around, whether on foot, or by bus.

It’s a great place in which to learn Russian, because people really are very happy to talk to you. Though Kiev is a large city, with great shopping and an excellent nightlife, the pace of life is much more relaxed than in Moscow and St Petersburg, so people have time to stop and chat. If you’re a foreigner, they’re keen to help, give directions and generally look after you – even if you’ve just met them on the street!

Kiev is also really beautiful – which I hadn’t expected – with leafy parks, wide pavements, tree-lined avenues and beautifully-preserved historic monuments. There are stunning orthodox churches everywhere – giving the city a really Russian feel (in fact, Kiev was the original capital city of Russia) – and the two cathedrals of Saint Sophia and Saint Michael are simply enormous. You can spend a whole day exploring them!

The city is simply packed with cafes and restaurants. The ‘Kievites’ really like relaxing in cafes and restaurants, watching the world go by and chatting with friends. And, on top of everything it’s all much cheaper than in Moscow or St Petersburg! I simply loved Kiev, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Russian – I’m sure you’ll love it, too!


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