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An invitation to Torquay!

torquayTorquay and the English Riviera is an ideal place to combine a high quality English language course with a special kind of vacation. With a mild microclimate and often having received maximum sunlight per day in the UK, Torquay is the place to go to learn English, to work on your tan, enjoy wonderful seafood or just relax in the stunning natural surroundings of the seven hills backdrop and beautiful harbour!

Situated on the southwestern coast of England, Torquay is home to our international language school, where students of all ages have been learning and improving their English for more than 40 years! Whether you wish to build on your English knowledge for pleasure and for personal reasons, for your studies or for a career in an international environment, our school in Torquay offers a wide range of extremely high quality English courses to suit all interests, in a beautiful and relaxing seaside town.

Torquay has been voted as the UK’s top seaside destination and there are many attractions in and around the town, including Britain’s most important Stone Age site, Kents Cavern, where hand axes found have been dated as being 40,000 years old and where a fragment of the upper jawbone of a prehistoric human has been found dating back to the same period, making it the earliest anatomically modern human fossil yet discovered in North-West Europe!

Learn more about the English courses and accommodation options on offer at our school in the pretty town of Torquay here and experience England under the sunshine!

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