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Date posted:January 15, 2008
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Wine and Spanish in Mendoza!

As part of my attempt to learn Spanish, I decided to come to Mendoza, Argentina, in order to have some classes and learn more about Argentinean people and their culture. Getting in contact with the people whose mother tongue is the language you are learning is something I consider to be of high importance since you see how things work in practice and become more sensitive to their way of living.

The Spanish School in Mendoza, where I’m studying is very good in putting language and culture together and as part of our culture enrichment programme, we were taken to Bodega Escorihuela to learn something about the culture and production of wine, which happens to be the most important industry in the region, exporting wine all throughout the year countries all over the world.

As we entered the “bodega” we were welcomed by one of the wine experts who guided us through the place, providing us all the invaluable information about their wine production, from the type of grapes used to the storage maturing and bottling of their wine. The end of our touring through the “Bodegas” was what everyone was looking forward to most – the tasting of the wine! We started by focusing on the scent produced by it and….. finally tasted it!!

Something tells me that, from now on, whenever I decide to have a glass of wine, the city of Mendoza with its lovely people and the visit to that winery will instantly spring to my mind and I will probably be able to even teach whoever what I’ve learnt about the production of wine in one of the most beautiful places in Argentina. I can’t wait to go back.

Fernando Forastieri


  1. Jessica

    Fernando that sounds amazing! My dad was born in Buenos Aires, and I never did get to see Argentina! I’m so jealous! Did you do any cooking classes or anything, to go along with your knowledge of wine?

    Posted January 16, 2008 at 9:58 pm

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