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Date posted:October 8, 2007
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Paris – the most beautiful city in the world

I had always known that Paris was a magnificent city, but it was only upon my arrival at the school to take French lessons that I began to understand why Paris is called “the most beautiful city in the world”!

How lucky I am! Now, freshly put up in my typically French host family, I am on my way to school. Arriving by underground, bus or on foot, I discover that school is situated in a traditional building, at the very centre of Paris, near to the Louvre, in a vibrant area with many different types of restaurants…

I am welcomed by a dynamic, professional and friendly team. Then now, after the presentation of our classes, here I am in the school cafeteria, which is decorated like a real Parisian bistro, chatting confidently with a teacher.

After that, I greatly enjoyed myself answering a cultural quiz with all the other students. It’s a very communicative way to learn!

The teachers are very patient, and they encourage us all to speak. I’ve met some really amazing people! I’ve also discovered, thanks to my teachers, areas in Paris where I wouldn’t have thought of going to, and interesting exhibitions which I surely would have missed… The teachers always give good advice on outings to concerts and to the theatre.

I really recommend attending the Culture workshop on Thursday afternoons: a 3 hour stroll, headed by a teacher who knows the area “like the back of his hand” and who can tell endless stories about it. It is a great cultural experience, I can assure you!

One last thing: whilst you are at the school, make sure not to miss the restaurant Chez Chartier! Only two streets away, you will discover a monument of French gastronomic culture! Traditional French dishes, delicately prepared and cooked at unbeatable prices! 3 euros for a starter, 7-9 euros for a main meal… all that located in a large traditional building, and with an unforgettable Parisian ambiance!



  1. Ronan

    Paris is definitely the most beautiful city in the world! I strongly recommend the ‘Montmartre’ area and ‘le Parc des Buttes Chaumont’ amazing places to visit in central Paris. Also, make sure you do not miss Le Chateau de Versailles, just AMAZING!!!
    Enjoy your trip!

    Posted October 10, 2007 at 9:34 am
  2. Scott

    Paris is not just a BEAUTIFUL city, the people also know how to rock, wohoo (That for an absolute must is visiting the Quaritier Latin)! I had just the most amazing time there! As soon as you go out and mix with the locals you will be surprised how fast your French will improve, especially with useful day life vocabulary! Whoever wants to learn French or just likes France has to go once in his life to Paris, it really is an amazing city!

    Posted November 9, 2007 at 3:41 pm

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