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Date posted:February 5, 2009
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From Sorrento to Rome (and back again!)

sorrento1_05_02_09I’m on an Italian course here in Sorrento, but I’ve actually just got back from a trip to Rome! The Eternal City. I don’t quite know why it is called the eternal city, but it is. I suppose  it has got an eternal feel to it, fabulous architecture, THE COLISEUM (incredible is an understatement), the Vatican, the museums, the food, the people, the, the, the…

Wow! Everybody should go to Rome, at least once in your life, and I suppose a lot of people do go there. In fact, it was packed with tourists and just think, we are still in the throes of winter, and a really wet and damp winter it has been so far.

But, I can’t imagine spending a long time there in the summer – too much traffic, heat, people and noise.

To be honest, I have already organised myself from now until the summer. What I should have told you is that I have just got back from Rome but I’m not actually home, home, I am home in SORRENTO where I am doing a fantastic Italian course!

It really feels like “home” from home here in Sorrento, because the staff at the school are so willing to help and are very kind, the teachers are really professional and friendly and there are loads of things to do in Sorrento which do not entail waiting in traffic for ages or fighting to get on a bus which is overcrowded with a million tourists!!

I am so glad I chose to come Sorrento for my Italian course, it is so easy to get around, there are great places to see all along the peninsular and even though there are plenty of people from all over the world, it never seems overcrowded or hectic.

And changing the subject slightly, Everybody thinks Roma is ROMAntic, but did you know that St. Valentine is the patron saint of Sorrento? You can’t get more romantic than that now can you?


Emily, US

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