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Date posted:July 23, 2008
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Russian with a ‘babushka’!

The school is very modern, with contemporary surroundings and free online facilities. situated in a private compound and very close to the Belarus Train/Metro station. Teaching standards really were very high with experienced and qualified staff teaching expatriates from around the world.

The courses were stimulating and tailored to my linguistic level. The use of all mediums helped me appreciate the complexities of Russian language, and each 50 minute lesson was fun, making the grey matter buzz far more!

My accommodation was exceptionally clean, with every convenience necessary. My room was spacious, warm and comfortable, the meals were filling and the food fresh and delicious; just remember to expect much of your free time at home to be spent in the kitchen, as this is where Russians tend to sit, eat and talk!

The apartment where I stayed was just a short walk to a bus stop and a short ride to the metro station, making access to the school pretty effortless.

I shared a flat with a retired lady – a typical Russian ‘babushka’ (grandmother) – who was a delight to be with. She was very friendly and it was a joy trying to communicate with her.

My Russian improved dramatically during my stay, reducing the need for universal hand signals and dictionary word searches – a must for would-be linguists! My initial anxieties about the school and accommodation were soon laid to rest.

Tony Dale (UK)

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