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Date posted:October 6, 2008
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Valencia – Fiesta de Disfraces!

I’m doing a Spanish course in Valencia and really loving it! One of the great things about the course is that, as well as the lessons, the school organizes lots of lots of activities – excursions, guided walks, dance lessons and LOADS more! They really help you settle in and make friends.

Last weekend the school organized a “Fiesta de Disfraces” (“Costume Party”) in a bar near our school.

The theme was ‘the seventies’. As announced on the notice boards in school, all the students had a free entry and received a free drink if they wore a costume. Thanks to that strategy, there were LOTS of students in costumes, creating a really great atmosphere of ‘the seventies’ in the bar.

What I really liked about it is that most of our Spanish teachers celebrated together with us –joining in the fun – so it turned out to be a great experience for me and the other students to spend an evening with our teachers and other inhabitants of Valencia, all having a crazy ‘seventies night’ together!. All the students did our best to converse in Spanish – even if we needed to use our hands and feet! – It was a great way to meet new people in a ‘fun’ environment and practise what we’d learnt in class!

The style of music of the seventies created a really special atmosphere and so it didn’t take very long to get the students, the teachers and the locals all dancing ‘seventies style’. Like all Spanish parties this one also turned out to last until the early hours of the morning and everyone who took part I’m sure has really happy and funny memories – as well as few scary photos!

Luckily, the school had organized the party for the weekend – so we didn’t have to get up for class the next day!

Maike Brinkman

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