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Rouen – a historic and beautiful city

Medieval Rouen buildingsRouen, the capital of Normandy, is a historic and beautiful city in Northern France with plenty of things to see and do!

Rouen is famous for being hugely important during medieval times. It is significantly known as the place where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake, giving a special meaning to this city and making it a place full of historical interest.

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Italian and Neapolitan Pizza course

Neapolitan margherita pizzaAlthough pizza is eaten all over the world, the Neapolitan pizza is a true Italian icon and is recognised by the European Union as a ‘Traditionally Speciality Guaranteed’ dish.

If you would like to spend 12 weeks living in the home of pizza (and one of Europe’s most historic cities), learning not just one but two new skills, our Italian and Pizza making course in Naples would be right up your street!

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Two traditional French recipes for Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday)!

Carnival NiceMardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday) is originally a Catholic celebration, a moment of entertainment for all of us. It celebrates the end of the winter, which  is coming soon, by dressing up and eating sugary and fatty foods! It’s also a party day in many schools!

There are some carnivals throughout France, including Nantes, Mulhouse and Cherbourg.

The most famous carnivals in France are the Nice Carnival, the Annecy Carnival and the Dunkerque Carnival.

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Three French recipes to help you through the winter!

gratin dauphinoisWinter and the cold weather is finally here, so it’s time to cook and enjoy traditional winter dishes with family or friends!

Here are three traditional French recipes to warm and comfort you this winter!

The gratin dauphinois

The gratin dauphinois is a dish originating in Grenoble and a popular dish within the Alps, in south-eastern France. A great classic of French cuisine, this is an excellent accompaniment for meat but it can also be enjoyed alone.
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Language courses for older students – Club 50+

club50coupleMost students over 50 years of age are happy to join our normal language courses worldwide, at any of our schools, as the programmes are intended for adults of all ages. Indeed, at most of our schools a significant number of the students are often in their forties, fifties and over. This is especially true for locations that are more preferred by the older student, including Aix en Provence in France and Sorrento in Italy.

Some students aged 50 and above prefer to have their language classes and activities exclusively with students of a similar age. It is for these students that we offer our Club 50+ courses.

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Discover El Teide and Puerto de la Cruz!

ten1Sun, beaches and palm trees! Tenerife often is associated with a picture of a sandy beach crowded with tourists, well, I find this a shame because this little island holds many more secrets…I spent six months in Tenerife and in my opinion it is a really interesting destination due to the diversity of its landscapes alone: A combination of sea and mountains, sandy beaches, black sand and pebble beaches await you on your next adventure!

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Portuguese Christmas Traditions

Lisbon, ChristmasChristmas is by far my favourite time of the year, so you can imagine how much I have to say about it!

As it happens in so many other countries around the world, Portugal becomes magical at this time of the year. All the cities are full of lights, people are all excited (despite the relative cold weather) and you can listen to Christmas songs everywhere! If you want to visit Portugal during Christmas time, here are some tips of the best places to go:

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Language Show Live 2015

Alsl_2015_etp_website_bannerpple Language Courses attended the Language Show Live at the Olympia in London from Friday 18th until Sunday 20th October 2015.

We had a great time and hope to do it all again next year! Read on to see our stand and a few of our tweets from the show!

We packed our bags and the car on Thursday afternoon and travelled down to London to set up at stand 710…

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Lisbon as seen from a Portuguese point of view…

Terreiro do PaçoBefore you ask if this article was written by a Portuguese person, yes, it was. Is it still going to be impartial? Well, I will try to be!

To start with, Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and one of the few European capitals that can be proud of having the sea just a couple of minutes away. It is consequently the most populous city in Portugal, offers lots of things to do and is definitely worth visiting!

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Exploring Germany, Wolfsburg – The city of cars

wolfsburg2The first question that comes into mind when you hear the word Wolfsburg is very often “where is that?” Located in Lower-Saxony and being home to 125,000 people, this northern German city is not what you would call a metropolis. Yet, when people hear that this is the place where one of the biggest car manufacturers – Volkswagen – is headquartered, their interest is awakened very quickly. Even though you may be a little sceptical at first, (especially with the recent VW emissions scandal!) this city is definitely worth a visit.

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