New School – Dublin

dublin-cpWe have just announced our new English language school option in Dublin, Ireland, for all students who are interested in learning English in this fascinating, modern city!

Ten reasons to go to Dublin:
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New School – Milan

milanMilan is the business home to 12,000 companies, 800 showrooms, 6,000 sales outlets … and is also home to our fantastic Italian language school, newly published on our website! Come to study Italian on a course of your choice, in the fashion capital of the world and you will enjoy all that this bustling and stylish shopping paradise has to offer! Milan is known as one of Europe’s main hubs for trade and industrialisation, so living in the city can feel as though you are at the centre of the action!

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Video guide to Chamonix, France

Sharing a common border with Switzerland and Italy, Chamonix is located within the Alps mountain range, and is naturally famous for its skiing and snowboarding opportunities. Although Chamonix is a really popular destination among celebrities, it opens its doors to anybody who wishes to discover its fantastic outdoor lifestyle.

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New School – Edinburgh

edinburghThe city of Edinburgh will take your breath away! Capital of Scotland, World Heritage Site, home to majestic Edinburgh Castle, which is built high on an impressive 700 million year old extinct volcano and host to the biggest new year street party in the world – the Hogmanay – Edinburgh possesses a boldness and a grandeur like perhaps no other city on earth!

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New school – Tokyo

tokyoWe have just published the full details about the language courses we offer for anyone wishing to travel to Tokyo in Japan, to learn Japanese! There are some things in life that we all should do once and experiencing incredible Tokyo is perhaps one of these things!

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Seville, one of Spain’s most influential cities!

Andalucía is Spain’s most visited region, thanks to the beauty of Granada, Cordoba and Seville. The latter is Andalucia’s capital city, and showcases an impressively rich historic and cultural heritage. With over 700,000 inhabitants, Seville is situated at the heart of a very fertile area, made easily accessible thanks to countless routes (maritime especially), that is why the Andalucian city has become the region’s cultural, political and economic capital. It is naturally now one of Spain’s most influential cities! Check out the video below by the Seville tourism board:

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New School – Madrid

madrid-pdeYou would like to learn or improve your Spanish but perhaps you still have not made the final choice as to where to go in order to enrich your life, experience new things, make foreign friends and open new doors of opportunity?!

There are so many possibilities, so many tempting, enticing and enriching options, that it is hard to pick a place… Well, what about MADRID? On arrival in the capital of Spain, aside from the beauty of the city, its great monuments and the lush green parks, you will find a place wide open to culture and to creativity. You will meet Madrid’s welcoming, open and friendly people who are hard working and serious on the one side and relaxed and ready to party on the other.

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8 reasons to study Spanish in Cuernavaca, Mexico

cuernavacaCuernavaca, the state capital of Morelos, Mexico, is home to the latest school we have added to our website.

Here are 8 reasons to study at our new Spanish Language school in Cuernavaca!

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Cologne, Germany, in the heart of Rhineland

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Cologne is, of course, the “Kölner Dom”. This giant cathedral is the city’s landmark and literally outstanding- but there is a lot more Cologne has to offer! Watch this video to get an amazing overview of the most important places in one of Europe’s biggest, most cosmopolitan and diverse cities.

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Eclectic Edinburgh!

edinburgh2Scotland’s historical and cultural capital is a must see in Great Britain! It is the perfect place to experience and discover the Scottish culture and its welcoming people. Passionately valuing the history of the Scottish people, Edinburgh is also a vibrant and dynamic city that will charm anyone!

From its impressive towering castle now home to the Scottish Parliament and the National War Museum, you can stroll down the Royal Mile, the oldest street in Edinburgh connecting the castle to the Palace of Holyrood House, up to the busy town centre.

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