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Edinburgh is simply a masterpiece

As soon as I stepped out of the airport, it was love at first sight. There are convenient buses right at the airport exit which, at a great price, take you to the heart of the city centre. This short journey is already spectacular in itself: gorgeous views, monumental palaces, castles that stand in the sky in the distance, make this lovely city truly valuable, which defines it as the modern, cosmopolitan capital of wonderful Scotland.

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Apple Language Courses around the world

Apple Language Courses offers full-immersion language lessons with accommodation all throughout the world!

It’s not easy showing every location together in one place, but we’ve attempted it with the interactive map below.

You can learn:

  • Spanish in Spain or Latin America
  • French in France, Canada or the Caribbean
  • German in Germany, Austria or Switzerland
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Study Exchange in São Paulo, Brazil

Just a month ago, I returned from a 6 month study exchange in Brazil. It was part of my studies as I had to follow courses related to the ones I followed back home. I could have done this at many partner universities in the world, but I chose to do this in São Bernardo do Campo. This is a city that is part of the greater São Paulo metropolitan area.

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Language learning with Yoga

To all the yogis out there who love to travel and nourish their spirit by indulging in something new, this might be an interesting read for you! The ancient yogis taught us to nourish not just our bodies but also our brains by constantly learning.

As a yogi (a practitioner of yoga) I love to discover new things, broaden my knowledge and learn something new, and that’s not just through yoga! The path of learning is a path most of the yogis I know follow throughout their life and yoga practice. Honestly, who wants to do only 26 asanas in the same order in a really hot room all the time? Sorry Bikram Yoga, you’re still great though!

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What to expect when you stay with a host family

Host family accommodation is by far, the most popular accommodation option we offer. It provides a great way to meet local people and practice your language skills outside of the classroom.

Meeting new people and learning more about the day to day life and culture of the country you are living in is fascinating. A full immersion programme with language lessons and host family accommodation is the most effective way to learn a language.

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Why Paris is the perfect place to learn French

I love France’s capital! It’s that simple! The alleged city of love has so much to offer. Paris is a great city to immerse fully in the French language and culture and of course the best place to be in contact with real Parisians.

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Spanish in Costa Adeje – my first day

Today was the first day of my Spanish course in Costa Adeje. It has been a great start to my holiday! Lessons usually start at 9am, but today we were asked to arrive 15 minutes early so we could register and collect our books before lessons began. Last week, I took the school’s on-line level test. This unsurprisingly determined that I had an A1 (beginner) level of Spanish.

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Christmas in Sorrento

Sorrento ChristmasThe beautiful Italian coastal town of Sorrento is rooted in the holiday tradition of Christmas. In every square, Christmas lights cover trees and figures around the town. Each street has hanging and glowing decorations, and storefronts are covered in strands of twinkling lights. Garlands abound throughout the city. The palm trees glow and sway in the wind. Stores and street vendors alike start selling Christmas trinkets and gifts.

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A Russian Christmas

Russian ChristmasAs December approaches, I can’t help but think about one thing and one thing alone: Christmas! British Christmas traditions are well known to me since I was born and raised in the UK. Finding out what happens during a Russian Christmas was exciting and a little different to what I expected!

Now first things first, Russians actually celebrate New Year. This became the norm during Soviet rule, as the government was atheist and forbade religious celebrations.

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Christmas time and Christmas markets in Germany

leipzig-christmas-treeIn a previous blog post you can read everything about German Christmas tradition which vary between families and the part of Germany you are currently staying, living or grew up in.

Today I don’t want to talk about the traditions, which of course play a huge role during Christmas time. I’d prefer to talk about Christmas time in general and especially Christmas markets – a huge, undeniable and unforgettable part of Christmas in Germany!

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